Thursday, May 14, 2009

We Can't Change the World Until We Change Ourselves

Some may say we will never pick cotton or we will never bow down to a slave owner like our ancestors did. Slavery still exist in the 21st century, not only are we bowing down but we are killing each other in the process. The Master does not have to use a whip to make us do what we are told just a glock-9 and some crack in our communities is the 21st Century Slavery. Every time a brother sells drugs and claims he has the block sowed up, you are still in slavery. Every time that sister puts that crack pipe up to her mouth and neglect her seed, you are still in slavery. We no longer have to worry about plantations, our cities have plenty of jail cells to house our brothers and sisters now. No longer are we our brother's keeper, we belong to gangs and every man is out for self. It does not matter what our ancestors died for because it is not putting money in our pockets now. As long as we as African Americans have this mentality slavery will never end. We can no longer blame the Master for our own self destruction. Until we take a stand and show the world we are not a ignorant race of people, we are born survivors because of what are ancestors been through. "We Will Continue to Live in Slavery" unless we change ourselves.